Arfinco, your Futures markets partner!

Arfinco is a division of Marex, a leading liquidity provider in the global agricultural, energy, metals and financial markets.

Arfinco was established in Versailles, France in 2006 as an order passing broker in exchange traded product futures and options. Arfinco has become a leading brokerage company for European listed grains and covers US and Canadian markets. This gives the customer the benefit of working orders in connection with most active markets. Arfinco has experienced brokers on call watching over customer requirements and orders from morning to evening. Arfinco Sas provides execution services for commodities Futures and Options across Euronext, CME, CBOT and ICE markets. Trading platforms show prices but no colour. We are in constant contact with all major players in the market which provides us with insight, order flow and colour. We offer brokerage services to commercial and non-commercial participants through our international network of traders. Arfinco Sas acts as an intermediary with profesional contract participants in derivatives market. Our network of customers and contacts and many years of experience in these markets is the backbone of our service. Arfinco’s involvement in various markets allows us the ability to structure and execute a variety of strategies and transactions for our customers depending on their particular needs.

Arfinco SA 2, Impasse des Gendarmes 78000 Versailles, France    l    Tél : 01 30 83 85 85   l    Email :


Order passing broker

Arfinco is acting as an “order passing broker” using Marexspectron as executing broker for various customers.


Arfinco will receive you with pleasure for training sessions regarding Futures and Options.

Business connection

Arfinco will help you to open your clearing account, to set your strategies, to analyse markets. Arfinco is not approved for the consulting business and will not be able to offer you a personalized recommendation.

Our team

Arfinco is made up of a team of four experienced professionals recognized by the profession.

Philippe Pierre

Former negotiator on the financial markets at REFCO, then at Tradition on the commodities markets at Calyon, then a broker in a commodity brokerage firm since 1995. Philippe PIERRE founded first with Bruno CHATENET, BP brokerage before to be present since the creation of Arfinco as the futures market manager. Since 2006 he has been President of Arfinco and a member of the Board of Directors.

Bruno Chatenet

Bruno began his carreer working with a firm of physical and Futures commodity brokers specializing in grains and oilseeds. In 2006 he moved over founding Arfinco. With over 20 years experience in international commodities brokerage, Bruno analyzes the charts and fundamentals to determine exactly which approach will provide his clients with a disciplined strategy that allows them to attain their goals, but will not exceed their risk tolerance. Bruno is well-versed in numerous strategies involving futures, options on futures and methods that employ a combination of the two. He knows there is no perfect system, in his opinion, it is important to have a disciplined plan in place, but also be able to adapt in order to take advantage of a shift in market conditions. Bruno does speak French, English and German.

Romain Ferrié

Graduated in finance from Sorbonne University and University of Chicago, Romain started his career on the stockmarket at Oddo BHF then on alternative investments at Candriam before joining BGC Partners on commodity markets for the past 5 years.

Stéphane Marian

Graduated from a Master in Financial Instrument Management, Stéphane has more than 8 years of experience as a commodity broker in various leading brokerage firms.


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